The Friends of Guy's Hospital is a voluntary organisation which provides care and support for the patients, relatives and staff of Guy's Hospital

For over 100 years, The Friends of Guy's has supported the hospital in all aspects of its work, from the provision of equipment for treatment and diagnosis to the funding of critical research carried out in the hospital



A note for your diary

The Friends of Guys Christmas Fair – Wednesday 5th December 2012, 10.30am in Atrium 1
The Friends of Guys AGM – Wednesday 2nd May 2012, 11am in The Robens Suite.

Executive Committee Meeting on 24th November 2011

At this meeting, the committee approved the following grant:

One height adjustable Intensive Care chair for the ICU at Guy’s Hospital


A request for an MRI driver for the Radiology Department was deferred pending additional information.

Executive Committee Meeting on 25th July 2011

At this meeting the committee approved the following grants:

Roller Blinds for the Chaplaincy Office


Mammography / Biopsy Chair for the Breast Imaging, Radiology unit


The following research grants were also approved:

Dr Geeta Hampson
The Additive effect of Vitamin K Supplementation and Bisphosphonate on Fracture Risk in Post-menopausal Osteoporosis


Prof Frazer McDonald
The evaluation of ankylosed teeth and correlation with computed tomography views.


Mrs Cath Taylor
What do cancer patients know, and need to know, about their multidisciplinary team to ensure effective involvement in decision-making about their care?


Dr Natalie J Prescott
Exploring the genetic basis of orofacial granulomatosis


Dr Hema Verma
Pre-operative localisation of sentinel lymph nodes using intradermal microbubbles & contrast-enhanced ultrasound in patients with breast cancer


Dr Suzanne Scott
The effect of emotional disclosure on dental anxiety


Dr Susan Bewley
Multi-agency Organised Services: Abortion in the Context of Violent Relationships (MOSAiC-VR)


Executive Committee Meeting on 24th March 2011

At this meeting the committee approved a grant of £315 for “Move for Health” equipment for the Physiotherapy Department

Executive Committee Meeting on 4th November 2010

At this meeting, the committee approved the following grants:

Christmas Grants to Wards and Out Patients


Weekly Flowers for Guy’s Chapel (for all faiths and those with none), and the new Bereavement Office at Guy’s – for one year


2 Versaclimber exercise machines for The Thomas Guy Club


Digitizing all past copies of “The Guy’s Hospital Gazette” so that they can be accessed and interrogated from the internet.


A fold up single adult bed for Blundell Ward, for relatives of patients close to the end of their lives.


Replacement camera equipment for Endourology suite (Urology Department)


A 3D scanner for study models for Orthodontics department


Research Grants will be considered at the next meeting in March 2011, once they have been assessed.


The Chairman announced that the Friends Shop would be closing at the end of November, 2010.

Executive Committee Meeting on 1st July 2010

At this meeting, the committee approved the following grants:

2 Arm Chairs for the Patient Recovery Room in
the Breast Imaging Unit


Supply and Installation of a TV Aerial for a TV
already supplied by the Friends to the ENT Clinic


The Chairman reported that it had been commented at the AGM that The Friends had not made many grants recently, and it was agreed that we would look at what requests the Trust may have had that The Friends may be able to Fund. This will be investigated shortly and proposals will be discussed at the next Executive Meeting in November 2010.

Executive Committee Meeting on 18th March 2010

Thomas Guy Club
For 2 Treadmill Machines


McNair Centre
For a Digital Radio / CD Player for the Procedure Room


Surgical Admissions
For a specialist reclining phlebotomy chair


Executive Committee Meeting on 1st December 2009

At this meeting, the committee approved the following grants:

Ear Nose and Throat Department
For a wall mounted TV for the ENT Out Patients Department


Chest Clinic
For a wall mounted TV


Cardiac Out Patients Department
For a fully reclining blood sampling chair


Staff Coffee Room, Chest Department
To re-equip this room


Spiritual Health care
An annual grant for the purchase of flowers in the chapels and bereavement areas; these flowers would be purchased from "The Friends"


Bereavement Centre at Guy's Hospital
Furniture for the newly refurbished centre