The Friends of Guy's Hospital is a voluntary organisation which provides care and support for the patients, relatives and staff of Guy's Hospital

For over 100 years, The Friends of Guy's has supported the hospital in all aspects of its work, from the provision of equipment for treatment and diagnosis to the funding of critical research carried out in the hospital


Our Aims & Joining


Today, The Friends of Guy's operates within the new NHS Trust of Guy's and St. Thomas', the largest trust in the country. Following a 100 years of tradition, the charity focuses in efforts on the Guy's site, whilst maintaining a friendly and co-operative relationship with The Friends of St. Thomas'. The Friends of Guy's is also involved in the work of The Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' School of Medicine & Dentistry (King's College London). The charity's help has enabled the School to develop medically important research.

The Friends of Guy's responds to a wide range of requests for funds. All applications are considered - however large or small. At one end of the scale, The Friends recently funded the purchase of a state-of-the-art operating microscope for skull-based tumour surgery. Not only does this ultra-sophisticated microscope facilitate the task of the surgeon, but it is also invaluable as an advanced teaching aid. Few centres in the world have such a facility. This gift from The Friends has enabled Guy's to continue to play a pare in the development of world-wide surgical expertise.

Similarly, the provision of epidural infusion pump units to the hospital has provided much needed relief to those patients suffering acute pain.

On a smaller scale, The Friends of Guy's makes a real difference to the day to day running of hospital life by the provision of new ward furnishings, flowers and murals, toys for the hospital nursery, duvets, televisions and roller blinds. These things do much to raise morale and make the hospital a better place in which to work and stay.

"To own and use the latest Leica microscope was beyond the wildest dreams of the ear, nose and throat surgeons at Guy's or, indeed, any in the capital. The Friends of Guy's Hospital and the goodwill of Leica made a wish a reality. Few centres in the world have such a facility and certainly no other ENT clinic in the United Kingdom to date"
Professor M.I. Gleeson M D FRCS

"Funding from The Friends of Guy's has enabled the Paediatric Bereavement Service to offer small but significant comforts to relatives who have lost a child. Simple things such as plain, good quality carrier bags for relatives to take home their child's belongings add a little sensitivity to a very painful situation. Even small sums of money make a very real difference".
Mollie, Cook, Nurse Counsellor, Paediatrics

More Help Needed

The Friends of Guy's is enormously grateful to all those who give financial support, time and energy to the charity. To carry on the work of The Friends and build upon its successes to date, continued support is vital.

Donations and Legacies

Members and those who leave legacies to the charity come from all sectors of society. Many have been patients or are relatives of patients. All wish to show their appreciation of the work at Guy's in a positive and meaningful way. The local business community, with whom Guy's is forging ever stronger links, also gives generously.

Joining the Friends

Anyone can join. You do not have to be an ex-patient, although many of our members are.

The minimum subscription is £5 a year, but extra donations are greatly appreciated and will enable the Charity to continue its good work in supporting the hospital, its patients and staff in so many ways that are not available though the NHS. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to 'The Friends of Guy's Hospital' and sent to:

The Secretary, The Friends of Guy's Hospital
Level 2, Southwark Wing
Guy's Hospital
Great Maze Pond
SE1 9RT.

Information regarding Gift Aid for a minimum period of four years and of Legacies can be obtained from the Secretary as above (Telephone: 020 7407 1058).